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Visualise your Twitter personality with Vizify


Last week I came across a fun and engaging way to give people a glimpse of what you’re all about on Twitter, courtesy of Vizify.

If you’re not already familiar with Vizify, check it out – it helps you create a series of interactive infographics that give a snapshot of who you are, where you can be found online and what you share and talk about.

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How video can add sizzle to your events


In my previous post, I shared a promo video for Social Media Club Auckland (SMCAKL) that I was involved in.

The video was produced by Perpetua Productions for SMCAKL to add some sizzle to its efforts to attract more attendees to future events.

Few things are as effective as a punchy video clip to promote your product, brand or event – after all, decades of television broadcasting have been funded on this premise.

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Why your social media NEEDS an owner

Who owns your social media?

Whose job is it to make sure your social media channels are updated frequently, monitored and generally kept in a tidy condition, fit to receive visitors?

The answer I’m after is not which department, team or agency looks after your social media endeavours, but rather which person within those groups has sole responsibility for your channels and activities.

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