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New Zealand Social Media Awards 2015 finalists announced


I once again had the privilege to be involved in organising and judging of the New Zealand Social Media Awards – aka The #smcakls 2015.

Presented by #smcakl (Social Media Club Auckland, of which I am a committee member), the #smcakls are now in their second year and have grown in strength both in terms of the number of entries and their quality.

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How to get rid of useless contacts on LinkedIn

Being all about the networking, LinkedIn is hell-bent on getting users to add each and every email contact to their network.

As described before, this can have some annoying and strange consequences.

Once you’ve imported your email address book into LinkedIn, it will continually offer you the chance to send invitations to these contacts to connect. And if it can’t find a match in its system for your contacts, it will urge you invite them to join the network.

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Why use video in your marketing and communications?

Want to know why video content is an effective and impactful way to engage, inform and entertain your target audience?

The video below contains some good stats on how effective video in marketing is:

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Why LinkedIn is just plain annoying sometimes


I like LinkedIn – it’s an excellent tool to build and nurture your professional network.

But there are some things LinkedIn does which are infuriatingly annoying.

One such example is its insistence on a regular basis to make you add each and every person, or other entity, you’ve ever exchanged an email with to your network.

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Visualise your Twitter personality with Vizify


Last week I came across a fun and engaging way to give people a glimpse of what you’re all about on Twitter, courtesy of Vizify.

If you’re not already familiar with Vizify, check it out – it helps you create a series of interactive infographics that give a snapshot of who you are, where you can be found online and what you share and talk about.

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How video can add sizzle to your events


In my previous post, I shared a promo video for Social Media Club Auckland (SMCAKL) that I was involved in.

The video was produced by Perpetua Productions for SMCAKL to add some sizzle to its efforts to attract more attendees to future events.

Few things are as effective as a punchy video clip to promote your product, brand or event – after all, decades of television broadcasting have been funded on this premise.

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Adding sizzle to #smcakl


As a long-time fan of Social Media Club Auckland or #smcakl (pronounced “smackle”), I had the pleasure of helping make a video promoting the event last week.

My job was to go around the room and ask folks what they liked about the event and why people should come along.

Adding to the fun was that we were live-streaming while doing most of the filming, giving me chance to try out my live interviewing skills!

The clip was shot and produced by Rob Harradine of Perpetua Productions – check it out below, and to sign-up for the next #SMCAKL event click here.

Why your social media NEEDS an owner

Who owns your social media?

Whose job is it to make sure your social media channels are updated frequently, monitored and generally kept in a tidy condition, fit to receive visitors?

The answer I’m after is not which department, team or agency looks after your social media endeavours, but rather which person within those groups has sole responsibility for your channels and activities.

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