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Helping to bring the NZ Marketing Summit to life

Pravda Communications has joined forces with Perpetua Productions to be the official video partners of NZ Marketing Summit 2013 on September 24.

This is part of wider partnership in which we work together to help clients bring their marketing and communications messages to life through effective and impactful video content.

With our respective expertise in video production, social media, content marketing and corporate communications, we combine the essential skills to help clients PLAN, PRODUCE and PROMOTE video communications.

As I wrote before, I believe video is a great way to bring events to life, and we’ll be demonstrating this live at the Marketing Summit. We’ll be capturing feedback and thoughts from attendees at the event and will edit, produce, upload and share those video clips on-site at our mobile studio on STAND 6.  All the clips we make on the day will be available here:

So if you’re at the event, visit our stand to see us in action, or to share your own thoughts about the summit and the latest marketing trends. We might just make you the next YouTube star!

And check out the videos below for some of the content we’ve produced for the event so far:

Plenty of sticky ideas at first Localist Jam

Localist Jam panellists: of Qijing Wong, Ronald Biddick, James Kemp and Ed Cruikshank

Localist Jam panellists: Qijing Wong, Ronald Biddick, James Kemp and Ed Cruikshank

Heading to the first ever Localist Jam this week as part of the Social Media Club Auckland or #smcakl crew, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Localist promised a panel of ‘wise business people, digital gurus and successful entrepreneurs’ who would inspire our digital appetite.

I’m not sure about the digital appetite part, but the speakers certainly did offer some inspirational nuggets about staying true to your vision and the power of good communications.

The panel consisted of Qijing Wong of Borderless Productions, Ronald Biddick of RJB Design, James Kemp of GrabOne and Ed Cruikshank of Cruikshank Design, with broadcaster Wallace Chapman doing an excellent turn as MC.

Each sought to inspire the audience by sharing their paths to success, which were as varied as their backgrounds.

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Visualise your Twitter personality with Vizify


Last week I came across a fun and engaging way to give people a glimpse of what you’re all about on Twitter, courtesy of Vizify.

If you’re not already familiar with Vizify, check it out – it helps you create a series of interactive infographics that give a snapshot of who you are, where you can be found online and what you share and talk about.

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Will outcry over new milk bottles sour Anchor’s brand?


Fonterra’s introduction of the new light proof Anchor milk bottles and the subsequent backlash from its customers, who complain the new design prevents them from seeing how much milk is left in the container, raises some interesting questions.

In a New Zealand Herald poll this week asking people what they thought of the new bottles, 78% of over the 16,600 respondents said the bottles were a waste of time and that the old containers were fine. Only 13% said they thought the new bottles were innovative and they loved them, while 9% said they would still use the bottles even though they were sceptical of Fonterra’s claims.

However, despite the outcry, it seems Anchor customers continue to display incredible loyalty towards the brand.

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