How to get rid of useless contacts on LinkedIn

Being all about the networking, LinkedIn is hell-bent on getting users to add each and every email contact to their network.

As described before, this can have some annoying and strange consequences.

Once you’ve imported your email address book into LinkedIn, it will continually offer you the chance to send invitations to these contacts to connect. And if it can’t find a match in its system for your contacts, it will urge you invite them to join the network.

But there is a way to purge these imported contacts from LinkedIn. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Manage imported contacts pageLI1


Click on “Add Connections” under the Connections tab or via the icon to the left of your profile photo thumbnail. Then click on the “Manage imported contacts” link.


Step 2: Select the contacts you want to invite

You will now see all the contacts you are not yet connected to you on LinkedIn. All these contacts will be preselected. If you plan to purge all unwanted contact, then browse through the list and UNSELECT those you actually want to add to your network. The chances are that many of the contact on this list will either be duplicate or defunct emails accounts for people you’re already connected to on LinkedIn. Or people you’ve been in email correspondence with but would not want to add to your professional network, such as your plumber or someone you whose place you rented on Airbnb.


Step 3: Delete unwanted or defunct contacts

Once only those contacts you have no intention to connect with are selected, hit the “Delete selected contacts” button and you’re done!


Step 4: Get on with your day!

Inexplicably this process didn’t get rid of all the Gmail contacts I had imported and still found some odd ones among my connections, including my optometrists, Specsavers! These can be removed manually by clicking on “More” and selecting “Remove from Contacts”.


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