What’s hot in digital marketing in 2015?


I was recently asked to offer some thoughts on what will be hot in digital marketing in 2015 for a magazine feature article.

While I can’t replicate here all that I shared until that piece is published, here are a few of my related thoughts…

Although not the newest trend, I see content marketing continuing to rule the roost in 2015.

But it will need to be more personalised, and delivered in the right context relevant to where a customer is in the buying process.

In 2015 content marketing will need to become even more tailored, real-time and engaging to cut through all clutter and noise out there.

Companies will need to produce high quality, informative and useful content that tell engaging stories their customers can relate to and which is delivered at the right time and place, and in the right context.

For B2B organisations this can take the form of ebooks, blogs, client stories and even the humble email newsletter. All optimised to be relevant to where a customer is in the buying process.

It will become ever more important for marketers to get to know their customers and to respond to their needs, desires and concerns better and faster.

For example, the big optometrist chain I’ve spent hundreds of dollars with still hasn’t worked out that I’m in their database twice, because my first name is misspelled in one of the two files they have on me. Although the last name, address and date of birth are all the same, they have not yet managed to match the two records. So I receive regular communications addressed to both Louie and Louis.

Such a blind, automated approach will no longer cut it in 2015, as it makes us feel like anonymous data sets rather than valued individuals.

No matter what social network, uber trend or analytics tools ascend in 2015, one thing won’t change – the need to get to know your customer really well and to engage with them in a way that makes them feel valued, understood and listened to.

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