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Last week I came across a fun and engaging way to give people a glimpse of what you’re all about on Twitter, courtesy of Vizify.

If you’re not already familiar with Vizify, check it out – it helps you create a series of interactive infographics that give a snapshot of who you are, where you can be found online and what you share and talk about.

Vizify has now launched a video creator that takes data from your Twitter feed and compiles it into a short animated portrait of your Twitter activity.

It includes:

  • The topics you tweet about most, complete with the number of times you mention them
  • A selection of your most popular tweets
  • Your top followers including the number of interactions you’ve had with each other
  • The time of day you tweet most
  • Some of your photos


This is all combined automatically into a half-minute video set to a catchy canned tune.

You can even edit and rearrange elements in the clip as well as add or cut scenes through an easy-to-use menu.

Crucially, you can also change the music, so if the track chosen by Vizify doesn’t rock your boat you can choose something more to your liking. Fortunately there’s quite a large selection and wide range of genres to choose from.


So is this just a gimmick or does it have any business benefit?

While it certainly is on the gimmicky-side, the video is a fun way to show what you’re all about on Twitter.

For a business it adds a touch of personality to your brand through an engaging piece of content you can share with your followers. Vizify even provides an automatically composed tweet that mentions your top followers telling them they’ve got a starring role in your video, which encourages interacting with your followers and sharing the video.

The clip can also help pick up some extra Twitter followers. It gives people a sense of your brand’s Twitter behaviour and includes an embedded follow button, making it easy for those not already following you to do so.

One drawback is that you can’t embed the video on a blog or website, which would be handy. However, it does get added to your Vizify page if you have one.

I create videos for both my personal Twitter account and for Pravda Communications.

Make your own here:

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