Why your social media NEEDS an owner

Who owns your social media?

Whose job is it to make sure your social media channels are updated frequently, monitored and generally kept in a tidy condition, fit to receive visitors?

The answer I’m after is not which department, team or agency looks after your social media endeavours, but rather which person within those groups has sole responsibility for your channels and activities.

For someone, with the emphasis on one, has to own responsibility for your social media activities.

It doesn’t have to be their full-time job or the only thing they do, although this would be ideal.

But, if your business is serious about participating in social media, you need one person in the organisation who is in charge of your activities and channels.

Managing your social media efforts doesn’t have to be one person’s sole responsibility, but one person must be solely responsible for it.

Why is this?

Just like any other function within your business that you deem important – finance, HR, ordering stationary, or public relations for that matter – somebody has to be in charge.

Sure, you can have multiple people contributing to your social media efforts, but someone needs to plan, manage, coordinate and control these activities

Without this focus and single point of responsibility you risk losing your way.

This is especially crucial if you are still setting out on your journey.

In reality many organisations, especially smaller ones, do not have the resources to dedicate someone to look after their social media in a full-time capacity and are tempted to distribute these duties between a team of people

However, the danger is that with no-one driving your efforts they get lost in all the many other things your team needs to do each day. Tweeting or blogging becomes an after-thought, just another task on someone’s already bulging to-do list.

Without direction and leadership your efforts will lose traction and become a chore with few positive results.

Plus, with no-one as their sole guardian, your social media channels will be like orphans. Receiving only basic care and minimal attention, they won’t get the nurturing they need to prosper, thereby diminish the value you could gain from social media.

Another hazard is if you have established channels but the person who manages them moves on and no-one else takes or is given ownership.

Your channels then fall in danger of being left to languish.

In the social media world, there are few things as sad as seeing once vibrant and active accounts hobbling along from one infrequent blog post, tweet or status update to the next.

So who should take the reins of your social media?

Again, if the question is which team or department should own social media, it doesn’t really matter. There are plenty of fit homes for social media – marketing, customer services, corporate communications or even an external agency or consultancy.

The crucial point however, is who, which ONE person, in your business is tasked with taking care of your social media? Even if you outsource most of your social media tasks and activities, someone INSIDE the business still needs to manage and direct whoever does this on your behalf.

Just ensure that the one person you choose is willing and empowered to take full responsibility for your social media activities. And, of course, make sure the person knows what they’re doing, is enthusiastic about engaging with your online audience and is an ardent brand ambassador.

Doesn’t seem too hard, does it?

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